From school pupils to college students: the story of two sisters reveals GSA partnerships

I wrote this blog as a volunteer with The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections.

I was intrigued when researching a couple of young women who attended The Glasgow School of Art in the early 20th century to discover that they had started coming to classes when they were still pupils at the High School For Girls.

Olive Mary Vaughan, of Cathkin Road in Langside, was 17 when she started doing afternoon Drawing and Painting classes in 1910. In the following year, also as a school student, she carried on these classes and studied Modelling too. That year she was accompanied by two other pupils from the High School for Girls: Annie Geraldine Lyles and Isabel Brodie MacDougall.

From 1912 she’d left school and did some classes during the day until 1915 when she switched to evening classes in Design. As far as I’m aware she didn’t graduate so her studies were perhaps for her own pleasure and education rather than to prepare for work.

Read the rest of this blog post on the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections blog.

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