Solving the GKC mysteries…

This blog was written for the Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections when I was an Archives Support Assistant, in collaboration with Tilly Heydon, also an Archives Support Assistant.

Solving the GKC mysteries…

If you’ve seen a concrete church or a school in the west of Scotland, there’s a good chance that it was designed by one of Glasgow’s pre-eminent architectural firms. From 1927 to 1987 Gillespie, Kidd and Coia Architects created designs for schools, churches, offices, hospitals, houses, universities and more, both in Scotland and beyond.

The Gillespie, Kidd and Coia archive is held by The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections and includes plans, photographs, office papers, correspondence and files. 

For more than a year, archives support assistants Tilly and Lucy have been spending one day a week going through the thousands of GKC architectural plans. Their task was to catalogue them all to item level, so this meant adding individual numbers to every single drawing and updating the catalogue so the descriptions and numbers match up.

Read the rest of this blog on The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections blog.

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