Community commemoration: the First World War Centenary at Glasgow University

This blog was written to reflect on my research for my Masters dissertation, carried out in collaboration with University of Glasgow Archives Services.

As Remembrance Day approaches communities will be preparing to commemorate those who have died in war, even though people cannot gather together.

For Glasgow University this will be the second act of remembrance this year, for on 3March 2020  there was a memorial for the life and death of Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hamilton Wilson, the last member of the Glasgow University community to die as the consequence of the First World War, exactly 100 years ago that day.

There was a short service in the University Memorial Chapel followed by the ‘planting’ of a cross with a poppy in the Memorial Garden. This was a ceremony that had been carried out for all 781 members of the University community who died in the war and whose names are recorded in the Chapel.

This summer, for my Masters dissertation research, I spoke with people involved in the 2014-1018 Centenary to learn more about what had happened. They described several significant themes.

Read the full blog on the University of Glasgow Library website

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