Doing First World War research in a pandemic

This blog was written to reflect on my research for my Masters dissertation, carried out in collaboration with University of Glasgow Archives Services.

As the UK teeters in and out of new COVID-19 restrictions, the aspiration of normality by Christmas, looks more and more remote.

Copy of the First World War poster showing a man in an armchair with his daughter on his lap and his son sitting on the floor. The caption reads 'Daddy, what did YOU do in the Corona crisis?' with the answer 'I stayed in. Like a total ledge.' and the hashtag #WarOneCovid19
James Hodson and Jason Keel, War on COVID-19, JackArts, May 2020

The phrase “over by Christmas” is widely recognised as an early – and naïve – assumption about the likely progress of the First World War, an irony not lost on some commentators on the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic started to spread to Europe earlier this year, I was planning the work for my dissertation, focused on the Centenary of the First World War at the University of Glasgow. As an aspiring archivist, it was exciting for me to be able to undertake this project in collaboration with Glasgow University Archive Services but then, in March 2020, the UK went into lockdown.

Read the full blog on the Glasgow University Library website

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